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No-Show Predictor Dashboard: Interactive Demo

Patient no-shows plague healthcare providers, costing them an estimated $150 billion a year. When patients don’t show up to an appointment, it hurts other patients that may have more urgent conditions that otherwise couldn’t get in sooner, thus hurting overall outcomes. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, the dashboard featured in the video below illustrates how providers can identify patients at risk of not showing up.

Our interactive dashboard demonstrates what an appointment no-show predictor could look like for your clinic. With the demo, you will receive access to the provider view of a queue of appointments, within which you can filter the information with demographics, appointment time frames, Medicaid status and more to see which patients are likely to be "No-Shows."

When implemented for your organization, the dashboard would enable your team to prompt patients to reschedule via text message or by requesting a call back. With high predictability rates, the No-Show dashboard allows you to prioritize care to those most in need and prevent revenue loss due to missed appointments.

To access an interactive demo of the Appointment No-Show Dashboard, submit the form below. You will then be directed to a page where you can interact with features of the demo dashboard. We will be in touch to see if you have any questions.

How to Use the Demo Dashboard